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I will likely be messing with the blog themes for a time. I rather like the slightly “naughty” feel of the red and black that I currently have up. It fits with the “risque” idea, but I am not sure that my aging eyeballs can handle the white text on black background. What do you guys think?

I have been trying out some alternatives and we’ll see if I can’t find something that doesn’t look like I’m advertising a home & garden show, planning a wedding or dropping acid. I want to project a certain feel, but I think that readability is important, so I will have to investigate colors, fonts & themes as well.

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Quickies with the Risqué Divorcée!

  • Facebook "It looks like you're at Burger King. Check in to share with your friends." Me: shut the fuck up, Facebook! 3 years ago
  • RT @amyisprettycool: Ok, who wrote the Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer #SNL sketch because they just made America great again 4 years ago
  • RT @LuvPug: My husband thinks it's so cute when I speak to him with terms of endearment like 'honey' or 'cockblocker' 4 years ago
  • RT @SondraDeeMe: I've always had a soft spot in my heart for female T-Rex because the tampon insertion must've been really difficult. 4 years ago
  • RT @joss: To everyone who keeps saying "Go back to making jokes/films/etc", WHAT DO YOU THINK WE WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING 4 years ago

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