too much of a good thing?

Oh my lordy, my little turtledoves! The “dry spell” of 12 days is over. And over. And over.

Unexpected. Unplanned. Unbelievably excellent.

Grabbing a salad & some free wi-fi at a local sandwich shop. Unlike last night’s guy, I’ve only got a few minutes!

After work I was bored. No internet or TV at home until Friday, so I spontaneously headed out to a local casino that’s about 20 minutes away from me. I was grubby. Hadn’t showered, flat hair, no makeup, jeans that bordered on “mom jeans”, a simple long-sleeve t-shirt, boots, glasses. I actually had the thought that I didn’t have to worry about getting hit on, I could just play and text.

An text. And text. A one point, I was texting three men at a time. One, my date for this coming Friday, is K36 – a guy I’m really enjoying being human with and chatting with. Great conversation, fun flirtation. Another is T33 – pretty cute, thinks I’m awesome on paper & can’t wait to meet a fuck me. He’s a little pushy. Dick pics, calls me “mama” – ummmm…maybe. I don’ like the “when can I get at you” assumption. Plus we were going to get together on Sunday but I wasn’t sure when because my kids were in town. I told him I would contact him around 5 or 6pm – which I did – and he was busy. Okay, by all means, don’t wait around for an uncertain meet with me, but it was a lame blow-off. He was cleaning & hi roommate was home so we couldn’t “have fun” – I was like “I’m not talking about fun – I’m talking about meeting for a drink.” He was sort of not listening. Anyway, he’s been texting but I’m getting some sort of weird vibe too. Maybe a girlfriend or ex or unfinished business? Something. Then hello there, in the midst of these two shows up S33. The guy who cancelled on me for Thursday. “Hey girl. How you been?” We chat a bit and then he tells me that he’s sort of interested in someone. Okay, did you hit me up just to tell me that, or are we still pals? No, we’re good. Okay. But not meeting up soon I guess. Bummer. He is crazy hot & has a really big dick.

So I’m cheerfully texting away with K36 (whom I am currently texting with, incidentally,) after the others have bid me goodnight. It’s approaching midnight or so, I’m up a nice little bundle…and just saying goodnight to K36 when this guy sits down two slots down from me and starts chatting me up. Did I mention that I am grubby and have no makeup on? He’s stone cold sober, pretty cute, very polite and selling it pretty hard. I let him buy me a drink.

AH! I am out of time! Gotta RUN! He was persuasive! By 4am we were at my house having pretty incredible sex (three times!) until about 6:30 or 7. I will fill in details next time I have internet!

xoxo  –RD

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