online dating pet peeve

I was reading the profile of a bigger guy today. Some might call him fat. He certainly had a belly and an extra chin, but I like a teddy bear type generally. Then I read the part where he says what he’s looking for in a woman and he says “I am looking for a girl who is skinny and in shape. Just being honest with myself and with you about what I like.” So two things: don’t say you’re looking for a girl, creeper. And while I’m rolling in that particular part of this rant, don’t set your age guidelines from 18-37 if you are 45. Unless you’re Hugh freaking Heffner and are going to set someone up at “the mansion” then you need to get real, old man! 

But seriously, you hypocritical fat tub of goo: you are looking for someone “who will accept me for who I am” when who you are eats too many nachos and triple cheeseburgers and has the stones to say that curvy women need not apply? Piss up a rope.

Lastly, I am the queen of honest. I’ll give it to you as straight as anyone and even try to be kind about it, but I find that saying “I’m just being honest” is a lame way of expressing prejudice.

I prefer an independently wealthy, emotionally balanced underwear model who likes to eat pussy and has a thick, 10″ cock. Just being honest.

3 Responses to “online dating pet peeve”

  1. 2 b-rad
    April 1, 2013 at 6:11 am

    My pet peeve in online dating is fat women calling themselves ‘curvy’… Being a blob with rolls of fat isn’t curvy. Just say your fat and have no self discipline to control your daily caloric intake or do 30 mins of exercise and day.

    • April 1, 2013 at 12:36 pm

      I really debated a while about whether or not to approve this comment because it’s pretty cunty and I usually hate to feed the trolls. I opted to allow it because my original post was also quite snarky. Let me be really clear: I’m completely up front about my age & my weight. I provide recent and realistic photos – some even without makeup. I mention my physical size in my profile. I understand that I am a certain age and a certain flavor that some people don’t care for. I just find it a bit offensive when the person that is doing the discriminating is a person who is of a similar size.

      Me? I don’t hide anything other than the fact that I will be blogging about you soon.

      Hey, b-rad, sorry about your tiny penis.

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