not-so-good friday

I just found out that I am allergic to latex. This sucks for someone who is sexually active with multiple, non-exclusive partners. Also, my hooter currently burns like the unholy fires of hell.

If you are sitting there right now yelling “TMI!” then check yourself – did you read about the hot sex with soup-can man? This blog is intended to cover the good, bad & funny in my dating & sex life and boy-howdy this is certainly an issue!

So I just spent about $48 on 42 non-latex condoms. At a buck a fuck – we are NOT having any “ooops, I didn’t get it on right, can I have another one?” issues. Seriously. I’ll put that fucker on for you and you will keep wood in order to use it properly! Damn!

I always say that women need to bring their own condoms and take care of their own sexual health, but I didn’t expect that I would have to use a special product and that I would always have to provide my own.

I’m waiting for a partner to make an assumption that because I have no uterus and I am allergic to latex that I will be a willing bareback option. Uh, no says that gal that’s also waiting on the gonorrhea & chlamydia results. No. Not unless I’m in an exclusive or restricted relationship and Lord knows, I don’t want that right now. Or maybe ever.

So I am learning about Polyisoprene and Polyurethane and bought four different kinds and brands of latex-free condoms to try and see what I like best. I’ve tried LifeStyles SKYN brand large Polyisoprene before and thought that they were very similar to latex alternatives. Perhaps a bit “stiffer” if anything, but in fact very thin and manageable.

Right now I’m pretty uncomfortable and feel like I’m having an allergy attack – my ears, face & throat itch too. It will be interesting thinking about what latex products I need to get rid of as well – I have already thrown away my big, purple vibrator. It was the only toy that I had that had latex in it and yes, I used it on Saturday after K36 left. I also wonder if I need to get a medic-alert bracelet. Lots of medical facilities are latex-free now, but you never know. I’m all about the safety!

So this is bad news overall, but it’s good to know that it’s likely not an STD. I also have no bacteria, yeast or herpes. Yay!

Weird side-note? I feel really sort of ashamed and somewhat dirty talking about this. I’m being RESPONSIBLE by having myself checked for STIs & STDs but somehow it’s more acceptable to talk about masturbating or swallowing someone’s load than about having a burning crotch or being tested. Is it just me? Am I the only one feeling that stigma? Is it all in my head?

Oh well, it’s Good Friday. I guess we all need a little stigmata.


April 2, 2013 UPDATE: No STIs/STDs. Clean as a whistle but no more latex for me! This was by far the worst & longest “attack” that I have ever had and they get worse every time! I think that the last three “yeast infections” that I thought that I had were related to latex exposure. Boy oh boy!

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  1. April 2, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Update: STD free, thank you very much. It’s over for me & latex though!

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