I don’t often get nervous

I really don’t get nervous very often. I’m comfortable and confident as a general rule. I treat people like human beings and never put all my eggs in one basket where dating is concerned. Yet…I am full of spastic, excited energy right now that I have to assume is somewhat related to…nerves??

I’m restless. I feel like squealing or talking someone’s face off. I guess that’s what I am a bit worried about. I’m afraid that I will get to this first meet-up with this new guy & just have severe diarrhea of the mouth. I’ve been known to do that!

I also didn’t eat & lost my wallet earlier – both contributing factors to me being a little off, perhaps. I also have a very busy week including a show that I am performing in this weekend – factors? It’s also a gorgeous, sunny, warm day – yay! Add to that I just booked a great deal on a trip to Vegas for my birthday in June and I am crazy excited! Squee!

Men, boys, interests, opportunities, excitement and a day with two dates with two interesting & sexy men? Yes, please! I confirmed karaoke with P29 tonight & I am really looking forward to that! I expect that I will wind up sleeping over at his place & packed a bag just in case. I’m excited. But I need to play it cool!

My former therapist used to give me exercises to help me sit in the space I was in and feel because after a lifetime of looking after others I had a really hard time being in touch with my feelings. Corny, but true nonetheless. I’m trying to do this today. Do I feel nervous or am I just so excited and happy that I’m having trouble not jumping out of my skin? I think it’s the latter, but I also feel like the end result is the same.

I’m a dork. I’m a spaz. I’m not chill.

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