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You remind me.

I had a “meet” that turned into a long talk over coffee several months ago. Basically a pretty charming guy and we had interesting stories to exchange so we both talked for a long time. Throughout the entire date, however, I kept feeling like he reminded me of someone. Also, we talked long enough for some of his politics and prejudices to show and for me to realize that this was not someone that I could be with on a romantic level. (Sorry – if you are anti-choice we will never have sex!) Near the end of our time together, as he was asking if I would be willing to extend our evening to dinner and a walk around the lakefront and I was declining, I realized who he reminded me of. My former father-in-law (deceased.) That clinched it even more than the right-wing comments. These things do actually happen. I declined a date with a young man who was charming and funny but had the same name as my son. I may possibly have dated someone that young but not someone who shared both the name and age as my son! I also dated someone for a few months that reminded me a lot of actor Kevin James because of his mannerisms and eyes but my friends all said how much he looked like my ex husband. I hadn’t seen it until they mentioned the similarity in hair and stature and then I couldn’t un-see it! I suppose that sometimes personality and attraction can overcome these “doppelgänger disorders” but for me it’s never something that I have managed to overcome.


Sometimes, you meet someone who’s just a little bit too much like one of your exes. Or that bully from middle school. Or someone who is in no way related to you.

remind me of my sister in law

So… like, he’s married?

Just kidding. But seriously, if your brother (or sister) snagged a catch like her, what’s the problem? Unless his sister in law is a neurotic hag known for her fiendish halitosis.

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