I’m in love with this blog post! Incidentally, the married guy that I saw for several months early in my post-separation dating had a “pyramid pecker” and I actually used to say that it was like a pyramid! It was unlike any other cock I had seen before or since. Tiny little head for licking lolly-pop style, big, girthsome base for filling me pretty nicely & giving that “fat cock” feel even when the tip was tiny. Drawbacks? Sometimes would pop out, seemed to require lots of deep thrusting (though that may just have been a preferred style.) Was very conducive to female-dominant position.

Prior to that, my best experiences had been with a “Side Swiper” that managed to hit my g-spot really nicely on most occasions.

My “current ride” just barely makes it into the “colossal kickstand” category and I have to say, it’s pretty much perfect. A nice, thick, straight 7 inches that fills me, hits the spots and is not too big to “cuddle” with my throat…ahhhhh. Drawbacks? Sometimes I have to ask him to ease up when he’s really thrusting hard because I feel like my ovaries are going to shatter & it’s a real challenge to take in the butt!

I love cocks in all shapes, sizes & colors, but it’s the men that they are attached to that really make the difference!

Crossing Bridges with Jay Ridge

Like a virgin having a wet dream this post was kind of inevitable. Penis.Dick.Cock.Deep-V-Diver.Dong. Are you excited yet? I know I am.carlton

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be so much fun! Schlongs are kind of amazing when you think about it. They can be hard, soft, long, short, thick, skinny…and sometimes they can even taste good!


Dip-sticks are a marvelous thing when used properly. Therefore, JBlondie thought it was about time to give a shout out to the lap-rockets of the world.

(Obviously every single jack hammer is unique, so this is just an overview). Some I’ve seen personally. Some I’ve just heard of. Others I fear.

  1. Hot Dogs: These are your uncircumcised baloney ponies. They’re interesting creatures who offer more than meets the eye. I personally am not a fan, but I know some women who are…and others I’ve talked to…

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