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Coming out


Someone inadvertently outed my blog on my personal Facebook page this week. They posted no links and didn’t give away the name of the site, but they did mention “your blog” in their comment.

I decided to leave it.

I am not ashamed of this blog or the acts, feelings or actions described herein. But they are still private. There are very few of my “real life” friends who know about it (including my current love,) and there are a few folks whom I regret having shared it with.

I have a tattoo on my Risqué Divorcée icon on my shoulder. My kids, ex and family have seen it. Anyone who asks is told that it is a “chubby pinup caricature of me.” Which it is. But it’s also The Risqué Divorcée! Anyone who looked very hard could probably discover it. Hell, my ex recently asked me to go into my photo files on my phone to send him a video. My heart stopped for a second, but he seemed to ignore it.

I’ve shared a lot with him about dating. We are friends and we talk. But there’s stuff in my blog about the awesome sex that I’ve had SINCE him and how unhappy and unsatisfied I was WITH him and I don’t really need to hurt his feelings like that. I’m actually a pretty kind person.

Yet one thing I do notice? My blog is really fucking ugly and not very functional.


I want to fix it.

I should probably file my taxes and finish some laundry first.

But it’s really tempting to call my ex or my oldest (both computer guys) and ask for help.

But I won’t. One, for obvious reasons (privacy, embarrassment, etc.) and two, because this ugly piece of crap is MINE!! Every single word and every ugly, outdated, difficult-to-navigate page is something that I made all by myself.

And that’s pretty cool too.


Quickies with the Risqué Divorcée!

  • Facebook "It looks like you're at Burger King. Check in to share with your friends." Me: shut the fuck up, Facebook! 3 years ago
  • RT @amyisprettycool: Ok, who wrote the Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer #SNL sketch because they just made America great again 3 years ago
  • RT @LuvPug: My husband thinks it's so cute when I speak to him with terms of endearment like 'honey' or 'cockblocker' 3 years ago
  • RT @SondraDeeMe: I've always had a soft spot in my heart for female T-Rex because the tampon insertion must've been really difficult. 3 years ago
  • RT @joss: To everyone who keeps saying "Go back to making jokes/films/etc", WHAT DO YOU THINK WE WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING 3 years ago