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Coming up next on Risque Divorcee (brainstorming future topics)

Okay, I just brainstormed a list of future topic headers. Since I want to keep your interest, I will share what I came up with:


  • That “cougar” thing? It’s legit!
  • Online Dating (friendship, flirting, fun)
  • Safety, selectiveness & my personal Jimminy Cricket
  • “Wanna Chat?” “Pic for Pic?” (Online spank buddies)
  • I have no teeth and live in my mom’s basement
  • Teeny Weenie Republicans (I will not fuck someone who is anti-choice!)
  • Vegas, Baby!
  • Lie to me! (Getting blown off/stood up)
  • Married men, morality and “relationshipppy” stuff
  • Once you go black…everything they say is true!
  • I want to pleasure *YOU*
  • Texts from jealous girlfriends
  • Brad Pitt 1994 – Legends of the Fall – and his jacket
  • The line between BDSM, hot sex and assault
  • The “friend zone”
  • Saying no

…and many more!!