The center of my universe (An Unfinished DRAFT from October 9, 2014)

I was poking around and found several unfinished drafts and thought “fuck it, send” – some of these are from too long ago for me to even remember where I was headed with them, so I am just publishing them as unfinished chunks of my life…


I mean, I miss my kids – but I would have regardless of whether I was married or not. It just happened that my empty nesting happened at the same time that my divorce did so it’s a double-whammy. But I’m so much happier than I have been in ages! Even on the days when I feel depressed, lazy & unproductive I am making my own way and doing things on my schedule for me. Yes, there is also a new man in my life. One who has taken on a significant role and whom I now live with. This is GREAT – I love it and I want him here, but sometimes I worry that I went from one man to another as the center of my universe. Which is why I insist on being spoiled rotten. To put myself first as often as I put him first. To let him have me be the center of his universe regularly & often.

This is a weird one. I don’t remember writing it at all. Who starts a blog entry with “I mean”?? Maybe it was something that was developing as a separate topic from another post??


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